Asheville, NC

My wonderful husband and I took a long weekend to Asheville last December, and I got all these great shots while we explored the city. This is a gorgeous city no matter what season it is, and I was so happy to be there, even though it is SO cold in the mountains in December. The whole city was decked out for Christmas and it was gorgeous! We had an awesome time! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Dixie Classic Fair

Matt and I decided to ride out to Winston-Salem, NC and have some fun this year at the Dixie Classic Fair. It is the first fair we have ever been to in NC, and of course it had to be a warm stormy day when we decided to head out there. Luckily, there was no crazy downpour while we were there, just a little bit of drizzle, and we rode some rides, my FAVORITE being the ferris wheel, and I even got to see my very first tractor pull!

I had never seen a tractor pull, and was expecting a bunch of huge farmer guys to be pulling the tractors, and when Matt explained to me that it was the tractors pulling a weight, I was disappointed and positive that it would be super boring. I was wrong! It was actually pretty cool watching the tractor pull! It is definately something I would do again!

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