Nick is an awesome high school senior whom I had the opportunity of photographing for his senior portraits.

If you are interested in ordering prints or gifts of any of these photos, or others, you can do so by clicking the link below:


Caylin & Delia

Caylin and Delia and their babysitter, Brie, spent the day with me at Jamestown Park. We shot so many beautiful photos and had an awesome time at the same time! The girls had so much energy and we got to play in the fall leaves too!


Caitlin is awesome. She loves to hike, draw, and she’s even a photographer who is very talented. The funny thing is, although Caitlin loves the outdoors, this photoshoot was a bit of a challenge. We decided to spend some time at the park shooting these gorgeous portraits, but Caitlin is terrified of bugs! She was a good sport about it and we were able to work around her fear of bugs, and at times face her fear to get the shot we wanted. Overall, I would say it was a perfect photoshoot where two awesome photographic minds came together. Thank you Caitlin for being in front of the lens this time!


My friend Brittany took an afternoon before moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota to go out in the pasture and be my model! She was a great sport through the hours of shooting and we laughed a lot! Her expressions make great  candid shots and the weather was PERFECT in late spring for us to be out there without dying from the heat! We even climbed a few trees. In the end of course her best canine friend had to join us! Even Indigo had a great time during our photoshoot.

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