It’s been a while.

So it has been a little while since I have posted. Just want to ask everyone to be patient while I update my website. There are things about my current website that I find lacking, mostly in a creative and control sense, and being the control freak that I am, I want to have as much control as possible. That being said, I am changing some stuff around to make my website easier for me to upload work, and update information, and more importantly, to make it easier to navigate and find the important information you may be looking for.

I just ask for some patience. It takes a while to do this when I am doing it singlehandedly while working a full- and part-time job. I am hoping to launch it within the next week or so, ideally.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty.


My Girls

I just want to take a minute to express how much my girls, Lovee and Piper mean to me. They are truly my two best friends next to my husband, Matt. I feel like people in general are hard to rely on. It is easy to trust and to put your all into a relationship with someone, be it friendship or romance or any other relationship. It is easy to put yourself out there and make that leap of faith for someone else, and I don’t know about you, but for me, I have found in a lot of cases that dedication and loyalty is not reciprocated, and I am left heartbroken and defeated by their indifference to me. 

I hate to sound like a downer about humankind, but when did people stop caring about how their actions affect others? When did this every man for himself attitude take root in our society? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am not perfect by any means. I am far from it. But to those I care about I will give all I can for their happiness. I wish nothing but that for all of them. And I hope that is returned, but I have learned not to expect it.

The point of this was not to go on a tangent about the cruelty and selfishness of the world, but rather to voice how grateful I am for my husband and my amazing dogs. They are my family, and I know they are loyal and loving. Sometimes even a little too loving. 

That is why I will always be a dogImage person. Image

A New Year and a New Me (cliché, huh?)

I know, new year-new me. SUPER cliché! I try to avoid that kind of thing, but I really feel like this year is a new start for me.

I have my first CAREER job, rather than a dead-end job that gives me full-time hours with part-time benefits and I STILL can’t make ends meet. I also have my own business (if you hadn’t already noticed). *add-in advertisement for Artsy Monarch*. And although I just started up, I feel SO blessed and optimistic that this year I can really take-off and push myself to be better as a designer, artist and ESPECIALLY photographer!

I also want to be a better ME. Meaning, I want to be a better wife, a better co-worker, a better employee, a better person overall. I started a new lifestyle a couple days ago. Healthy food and exercise. I refuse to set a ridiculous goal about how I am going to work out everyday for the rest of my life and stay hot and fit and awesome. No. I can’t put that much pressure on myself. Right now, my goal is to work out 6 days this week. 4 more to go. I also want to clean and organize every INCH of this house. Started that on Sunday when I packed away all my old school stuff into some plastic storage bins for the attic.

One thing, in the lines of my business, involves me taking the time to update my website and add photos. So tonight I have started to add a bunch of new photos. Check them out under my Outdoors Page. I hope you enjoy them. More will be added throughout the website, as well as some new projects both design-wise and craft-wise.

Keep a look out. And no worries, I will try to keep the cliché posts to a minimum!


White Christmas or just muddy Christmas?

So Matt and I decided to travel from our home in the warm, sunny, and admittedly not very wintery state of North Carolina to visit family in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. My mom had been complaining about all the inches of snow they had been getting and my inner child was more than thrilled to hear that we might have a white, blizzardy holiday!
If course, as soon as we arrive, the weather turns from cold and frosty to warm and muddy. Reaching almost 70 degrees our second day here. Talk about disappointing.
Regardless of my disappointment with the weather, I am so excited to see family! It will be amazing to see so many people we haven’t seen in 5 years or more.
I love the holiday season!

December 20th ALREADY?!

So there are 5 days until Christmas, and for the first time in 5 years, my husband and I are traveling up north (PA and NJ) to visit family for the holidays. It’s stressful, and even though we say it’s our “vacation”, it ends up being more exhausting than anything else. I love all of our family, but traveling from house to house, with no real home base to go back to each night is simply tiresome. All-in-all though, I am incredibly excited to see both his and my parents and celebrate Christmas with them. We are also hoping to get to spend some time with our grandparents and as many aunts and uncles and cousins as possible. I just can’t wait for all the hugs and delicious food and laughter that I remember the holidays bringing when we’re surrounded by family.

As much as I complain about the stresses of constantly traveling around the holidays, no one loves it more than I do. I truly am excited. I am hoping to see SNOW up north. Something we don’t get as often as I would like here in North Carolina. I think the biggest thing I could hope for for Christmas is snow. A white Christmas is my dream every year, and most years it doesn’t happen. 

I also can’t leave out our friends! We get to see some friends we’ve known since high school! It is so great how we have all kept in touch over the years and make sure to visit one another a couple times a year. I actually sometimes feel like we see these friends more than family most years. So that is always exciting!

Last, but certainly not least, my husband and I will be spending our 5th Anniversary up north. He wants to spend the day taking the train into NYC and just wandering and seeing the sights and then getting a romantic dinner. COUNT ME IN! Of course I will bring my camera and take TONS of photos of that. 

I love New York City and would love to live there someday. Who knows, maybe I can convince Matt to let us move there while we are visiting. 😉

Is there such a thing as too much coffee?

My husband and I recently got a keurig. It has been great. We each get to pick what kind of coffee we want and not fight over what to drink in the morning. The only problem is, when one of us runs out we have to settle for whatever k-cups are left. This morning I ended up with an espresso k-cup instead of my usual mocha swirl.

I was just expecting a stronger taste but not much else. WRONG. Usually by now I am a bit sleepy and looking forward to lunch. Instead, my heart is racing, it’s really warm in here and I can’t sit still.

That might also be the Christmas spirit within me! I love Christmas! I love the trees and the smell of evergreens and the stockings and lights and cookies and pies… I love being close with family, and this year, for the first time in 5 years I am going home for Christmas!

I am very excites to see family and friends whom I haven’t seen in years. It will be crazy to see how everyone has grown and changed. The best part is that my husband and I will get to spend the time together!


Check it out! My new Wood Burning Page!!! Feel free to place an order or let me know what you think! Every piece I create is done with so much heart and soul (and small burns all over my fingers) and I am so proud to say I have some awesome family who has been there to help me through all of it! I can’t say enough thanks to my amazing husband Matt and my awesome baby brother Charlie! Thanks guys!


So I’ve been a bit absent the last couple weeks. Not because I don’t want to be posting and updating, but because I am working on some new stuff. I won’t give you too many details just yet because I am very excited to show off the final products. I will however give you a sneak peak of what is to come! This new “project” of mine will be available for personalized purchases as well as just fun stuff I decide to design on my own. The page will be up on about a week or so. I hope you all love it as much as I do!


Photoshop as therapy:

So many people I know say editing photos is boring. It’s tedious and dull and takes forever. Especially when you have hundreds of photos to look through. If you are one of those people I am sorry, but perhaps you shouldn’t be a photographer.
Personally I love to edit. It is like having a conversation with one of your closest friends. A very intimate and personal conversation. It’s funny because a lot of people I photograph are not necessarily close friends and may only be clients or acquaintances.
With each photo I feel like I have captured a story. I can remember the moment I snapped that photo. The words I said before hitting the shutter and the things that were going on around me stay clear in my mind and I find myself looking at the photo and trying to put myself in the shoes of the people in it. “Do I look fat standing like that?” “Omg, delete that photo!” “Eww my hair is so messed up”. Are some of the things I can hear my clients saying, but what I love is when I get a photo where my inner-client says “wow, look at how happy we look” “this makes me want to cry” or “I can’t wait to show everyone” .

Even after years of classes on photography, I know not every photo will be fantastic. They won’t even all be GOOD, but some will be breath-taking an some will be gorgeous and several will bring tears to your families eyes.
It is those photos that I live for.