A New Year and a New Me (cliché, huh?)

I know, new year-new me. SUPER cliché! I try to avoid that kind of thing, but I really feel like this year is a new start for me.

I have my first CAREER job, rather than a dead-end job that gives me full-time hours with part-time benefits and I STILL can’t make ends meet. I also have my own business (if you hadn’t already noticed). *add-in advertisement for Artsy Monarch*. And although I just started up, I feel SO blessed and optimistic that this year I can really take-off and push myself to be better as a designer, artist and ESPECIALLY photographer!

I also want to be a better ME. Meaning, I want to be a better wife, a better co-worker, a better employee, a better person overall. I started a new lifestyle a couple days ago. Healthy food and exercise. I refuse to set a ridiculous goal about how I am going to work out everyday for the rest of my life and stay hot and fit and awesome. No. I can’t put that much pressure on myself. Right now, my goal is to work out 6 days this week. 4 more to go. I also want to clean and organize every INCH of this house. Started that on Sunday when I packed away all my old school stuff into some plastic storage bins for the attic.

One thing, in the lines of my business, involves me taking the time to update my website and add photos. So tonight I have started to add a bunch of new photos. Check them out under my Outdoors Page. I hope you enjoy them. More will be added throughout the website, as well as some new projects both design-wise and craft-wise.

Keep a look out. And no worries, I will try to keep the cliché posts to a minimum!


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