December 20th ALREADY?!

So there are 5 days until Christmas, and for the first time in 5 years, my husband and I are traveling up north (PA and NJ) to visit family for the holidays. It’s stressful, and even though we say it’s our “vacation”, it ends up being more exhausting than anything else. I love all of our family, but traveling from house to house, with no real home base to go back to each night is simply tiresome. All-in-all though, I am incredibly excited to see both his and my parents and celebrate Christmas with them. We are also hoping to get to spend some time with our grandparents and as many aunts and uncles and cousins as possible. I just can’t wait for all the hugs and delicious food and laughter that I remember the holidays bringing when we’re surrounded by family.

As much as I complain about the stresses of constantly traveling around the holidays, no one loves it more than I do. I truly am excited. I am hoping to see SNOW up north. Something we don’t get as often as I would like here in North Carolina. I think the biggest thing I could hope for for Christmas is snow. A white Christmas is my dream every year, and most years it doesn’t happen. 

I also can’t leave out our friends! We get to see some friends we’ve known since high school! It is so great how we have all kept in touch over the years and make sure to visit one another a couple times a year. I actually sometimes feel like we see these friends more than family most years. So that is always exciting!

Last, but certainly not least, my husband and I will be spending our 5th Anniversary up north. He wants to spend the day taking the train into NYC and just wandering and seeing the sights and then getting a romantic dinner. COUNT ME IN! Of course I will bring my camera and take TONS of photos of that. 

I love New York City and would love to live there someday. Who knows, maybe I can convince Matt to let us move there while we are visiting. 😉

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