Photoshop as therapy:

So many people I know say editing photos is boring. It’s tedious and dull and takes forever. Especially when you have hundreds of photos to look through. If you are one of those people I am sorry, but perhaps you shouldn’t be a photographer.
Personally I love to edit. It is like having a conversation with one of your closest friends. A very intimate and personal conversation. It’s funny because a lot of people I photograph are not necessarily close friends and may only be clients or acquaintances.
With each photo I feel like I have captured a story. I can remember the moment I snapped that photo. The words I said before hitting the shutter and the things that were going on around me stay clear in my mind and I find myself looking at the photo and trying to put myself in the shoes of the people in it. “Do I look fat standing like that?” “Omg, delete that photo!” “Eww my hair is so messed up”. Are some of the things I can hear my clients saying, but what I love is when I get a photo where my inner-client says “wow, look at how happy we look” “this makes me want to cry” or “I can’t wait to show everyone” .

Even after years of classes on photography, I know not every photo will be fantastic. They won’t even all be GOOD, but some will be breath-taking an some will be gorgeous and several will bring tears to your families eyes.
It is those photos that I live for.

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